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With the motto of trust, passion and technical perfection, Sai Technologies has been manufacturing, installing, selling and developing CCTV since foundation in 2011.

 We have a team of technical specialists and sales reps with broad professional experience, permanently searching for the latest technological developments in the sector of video surveillance.

We are not only trying to find the most up-to-date solutions which are also the best match for our customers but also offering a full range of solutions that are custom tailored to your needs.

Sai Technologies is currently centering its attention to the latest technological novelties.

I consider it serves all that total commitment to the customers and a human capital which guarantees the continuous renovation of the products and services.

2020 - Network Structure Technology Development                     Project(Korea Government Project)
          - Selected as The Best Product in Public                                Procurement Service Mall in 2019, 2020
2019  - Selected as Technically innovative Test-Product
          - Acquire Patent of Polarization Control Camera
          - Company affiliated research center is certified
          - Register products at public procurement mall
          - Small business is certified

2016  - Acquire Direct Production Certificate
          - Monitoring system with sensor cable is patented
          - Registered as software business 

2011  - Registered as IT business
         - Found Sai Information and Communication Ltd.


Reliable Product, Reliable Company

Technology Company with Specialists

Infinite Technology Development through Technological Innovation

Challenges in front of failure

                           OUR MISSION

                                                                                     To explore innovative ways to better perceive and understand the customer 
                                                                        To enhance safety around the world
                                                                        To advance sustainable technology development
                                                                        Sai Technologies is  moving forward


Sai Technologies is a company specialized in total security solution supplies technology development, production, construction and maintenance. 

Sai Technologies has two patents for a surveillance system with sensor cable and polarizing control camera. 
Sai Technologies develops technology and manufactures products in its own factory.

Sai Technologies' camera was selected as 'outstanding product' in innovative camera exhibition in 2019 and had received the best grade in quality of contract performance evaluation by the Public Procurement Service in 2019, 2020.

Over the past several years, Sai Technologies deepened its knowledge and experience in meeting customer needs in various markets including public security, retail, education and others. Accordingly, the company provides professional and customized solutions to meet diverse market requirements. Based on video surveillance technology, Sai Technologies explores its business for sustaining long-term development and expands to the world.

‌Installation and Maintenance of  Surveillance Camera

-As a certified information and  communication service provider, we have many performances

-We install and manage CCTV systems at ‌residential, commercial and public sectors

‌Littering Monitoring System

‌-We sell  our products at Nara Mall of Public Procurement Service‌.

-Littering Monitoring System was evaluated as 'Th Best Level Performance ‌' in  Nara Mall Contract  in 2019, 2020

Develop and Manufacture Surveillance Systems

‌-We produce CCTV and video surveillance system at our own factory‌

-We research and develop video surveillance  at our own laboratory.‌

Open Market‌, Online Market, Retail Shop‌

‌‌-We operate open markets such as 11st, Gmarket, Coupang, our own shopping mall( and retail shop.

-We are selling products at Nara Public Procurement Service Mall and Innovative test product ‌mall.


‌-Monitoring System with sensor cable‌
-Polarizing Control System‌
-‌International patents pending

 Global Markets

-Promising company at international procurement markets‌
-UN GM ‌Vendor product


Office telephone +82.42.522.6674
Fax +82.42.524.6674



Address: 1064, Hanbat-daero, Daedeok-gu, Daejeon, South Korea
Zip code:34436


Company Registration Number : 314-81-29273
Business Report Number : 2001-00157