Polarization Control CCTV Camera

Polarization Technology Set at User's Purpose Gives You the Best Image

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  · World's First, LCD is used as Polarizing Filter
 · CCTV camera that can acquire the image by manipulating the polarization direction with an electric signal program


-It can be applied to basic CCTV
-It is possible to adjust the degree of polarization to the user's purpose
-It allows accurate filming of the subject even in a lot of reflected light


-Quality was verified through test by external specialists.
-Test report satisfying MAS(Multiple Award Schedule) standard and for the operation of the polarizing function were issued.


-L‌CD with polarizing function makes it possible to reduce reflected light and get high resolution images. 
-It is easier to prevent unexpected disasters in advance than existing cameras. 

‌You can obtain polarized images ‌controlled at ‌0°, 45°, 90° by analyzing the correlation between the voltage applied to LCD and the polarization angle.‌

‌-‌CCTV with LCD polarization filter has been tested.
-UI program which can control the polarization direction and check the polarization image through WiFi  has been implemented. ‌

‌-Image processing test such as maximum value calculation, minimum value calculation and polarization difference image has been carried out‌.

Technical Effects

-It is easier to install and maintain the polarization filter than the conventional method of polarizing filter replacing in hand  and controlling with a motor.

-Securing domestic and international competitiveness by using the innovative concept of electric polarization control technology without mechanical failure

-You can find the best solution for various applications with this camera, as much clearer images come out than existing CCTV cameras.

-This camera can be used for monitoring various subjects with diffuse reflection such as sea level, glass surface, freezing or rainy road, tunnels, cars and facilities.

Economic Effects

-Budget can be saved, because it is possible to install automatic polarization control function into existing cameras.

-It is innovative technology that achieves polarization effect by electrically controlling LCD elements, which makes fewer mechanical failure and easier installation and maintenance compared to the existing manual filter replacement method or filter rotation method.

-This camera provides customized solutions for each field with polarization control effect which fits the image characteristics of each application field.

Managerial Effects

-Applicable to intelligent video control system for smart city

-Usable for big data for study AI applied and video learning data

-It can be used in public security, smart city, security control, self-driving car, drones and robots as well.

-Excellent effects in prevention of accidents on slippery roads

‌-This camera  can also be used in object recognizing fields that get rid of diffuse reflection in indoor environments such as product inspection, assembly line and worker safety project as well as outdoor environments.

A B O U T   U S

Minimize the reflected light to check the water surface

A B O U T   U S

By removing the reflected light, you can see beyond the shiny window

A B O U T   U S

No matter how the light interferes,  you can recognize the subject easily.

A B O U T   U S

Wall Bulletin in dark or even the glossy car surface identifiable


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