▸Polarization is separating the direction of light. In other words, it is supposed to receive specific light components by filtering the desired polarity 
▸‌People can ‌detect only the brightness and color of visible light, whereas insects with compound eyes have the ability to detect ‌anode and polarization information. 

Polarizing Filter

▸Only a specific directional light is transmitted and unwanted reflected light is removed with the polarizing filter.
▸‌It is possible to remove reflected light from the water surface and glass with the polarizing filter.

Polarizing Camera

Quality-improved camera with a polarizing filter in front of the camera lens in order to remove back-light, diffuse reflection(light coming from a specific angle) and reflected light

SAi's Technologies #1
Adjust Polarization  

▸It generates polarized image by controlling the transmitted polarization direction on the camera.
▸You can get the best polarized image by configuring a LCD optical module in the surveillance camera.
▸Sai has applied a LCD polarization filter to the surveillance camera so as to remove the reflected light and improve the image quality and recognition performance for the first time in the world.
▸It is possible to eliminate the risk of mechanical failure by applying voltage to LCD and makes you control automatically through the control circuit .


SAi's Technolgies #2
Manufacture Surveillance Camera

Sai Technologies can manufacture, install, manage the surveillance camera.

Manufacture Video Surveillance Camera 

Sai Technologies can integrate and manufacture lenses, image sensor and camera control module that make up the video surveillance camera.

 Control Video Surveillance Camera

Sai Technologies can control the shutter speed of the camera, video zoom and white balance.

SAi's Technolgies #3
Video Recognition Application SW

Application technology to provide the users with the best image by minimizing or maximizing the reflected light

Video Segmentation

Sai Technologies has the technology to divide and combine the multiple areas with the same polarization characteristics.

Video Recognition & Analysis

Sai Technologies has the technology to recognize and judge the objects in video based on the optimal image.

SAi's Technolgies #4 
Video Surveillance

Technology to Package Polarization Control CCTV

▸ Polarization Control hardware and software module packaging technology in CCTV
▸ Technology that integrates and packages a polarization filter, polarization control H/W module and external interface into the existing fixed CCTV camera

Polarization Control UI Technology

▸ UI technology for setting and managing polarization parameters suitable for each application purpose such as polarization angle, polarization pattern, polarization time, image processing type and optimal image generation method
▸ It is possible to control CCTV device freely and optimize images at remote locations such as control center

Technology to Monitor Video Surveillance

We have the technology and experience of configuring and operating a video surveillance system by linking surveillance camera, PoE and servers.


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