ACR(Automatic Control of Reflected light)

Traditional CCTV cameras often struggle to capture clear images in challenging environments such as coastal areas, sunset lighting, or wet roads, due to the problem of diffuse reflections. SAI Technologies offers an innovative solution to this issue.
With ACR (Automatic Control of Reflected Light) technology,
it is possible to deliberately reduce or enhance reflected light, ensuring optimal image quality even in the most demanding conditions.
Understanding ACR requires knowledge of polarization.

In nature, light vibrates in all directions, but reflected light tends to be polarized parallel to the reflecting surface. A polarizing filter allows only light in the desired direction to pass through while blocking unwanted light. By using a polarizing filter aligned vertically to the reflecting surface, highlights can be effectively removed.
SAI Technologies' ACR 

SAI Technologies' ACR system is an advanced solution that electronically controls the polarization direction of light entering the camera. By electronically adjusting the polarization angle through a Polarization LCD Control Board, the camera can automatically and precisely control the optimal polarization angle.
LCD as a polarizing filter

By incorporating an LCD as 
a polarizing filter with in the CCTV camera, 
highlights can be effectively eliminated, 
enhancing image clarity during shooting and
 improving object recognition capabilities.

This technology represents the first use of LCD technology as a polarizing filter in video surveillance devices. SAI Technologies' ACR technology is a revolutionary change, redefining how we capture and interpret the visual world.